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Great news!  If you can't make the National Wilderness Workshop in person, don't fret.  Starting in 2018, we are offering a virtual distance registration for those that can't travel to the workshop location.  This is a great way to stay connected with the wilderness stewardship community and participate in current issues discussions without expensing travel funds or leaving home. 

To register for the virtual distance option, click here and select the virtual distance item.

The virtual distance workshop will offer sessions throughout the workshop roughly half the time. Concurrent and plenary sessions will not be offered due to limited space in distance learning facilities.  To determine which sessions to provide for virtual distance options, you will be asked to select from concurrent sessions when you register.  Sessions with the most number of votes will be hosted in the virtual distance interface, and participants will be notified of them prior to the workshop.  Session options are as follows:


Wednesday, October 10

Time Session Description
1:00 Wilderness Culture: Integrating Safe and Respectful Workplace into Organizational Culture Learn from land management agencies how they have addressed prevalent issues of harrassment, and what their plans are moving forward to build a new culture of safety and respect.  Take lessons learned and apply in a small group setting to identify and build solutions for any issues you face in your workplace.  (2020 Vision)
1:00 Wilderness Management: Catching up with 2020, Looking Forward Hear about what progress has already been made on the 2020 Vision for Wilderness Stewardship, and what to expect to be accomplished over the next couple of years.  Participate in workgroups to brainstorm what should happen after the 2020 Vision is complete.  (2020 Vision)
1:00 Wilderness Science: Land Use Change and Climate Change Project Hear from scientists conducting research on climate change and how conditions are affecting land use and access.  In work groups, identify changing conditions, land use change and the management questions they pose for wilderness.  (2020 Vision)

Thursday, October 11

Time Session Description
9:30 Wilderness Culture: Models of Engagement for Diverse Populations Listen to a number of organizations discuss how they identified diversity gaps and changed or built programming to meet them.  Take their tools and apply to your own organization in small groups, first to find where you can improve in diverse funtioning, and then to brainstorm avenues to get there. (2020 Vision)
9:30 Wilderness Management: Cultural Resources Monitoring Ice Patch Project Discover the palecology resources that have been hidden for generations through Dr. Craig Lee's eyes, and the research of the Ice Patch Project.  Connect his findings to current and future culutral resource monitoring projects, and work with others to determine the best path forward with this new information.  (2020 Vision)
9:30 Wilderness Science: Demographics & Generational Changes in Top 20 Cities Hear how social trends have affected public land perceptions and access in 20 of the country's busiest cities.  Map proximity of changing urban centers to the lands you manage, and identify issues that may take place in the next 5 or 10 years around perception and access, charting paths to success through adaptive management action you can take.  (2020 Vision, Secretary of the Interior's Stewardship Priority)

Friday, October 12

Time Session Description
9:30 Wilderness Culture: Native Lessons for Youth Engage with Native elders as they provide Native and non-native youth with legacy information about culture, wilderness, and stewardship responsiblities.  Practice putting these tools and philosophies into practice for your unique management challenges.  (2020 Vision)
9:30 Wilderness Management: Wilderness Study Areas and Lands with Wilderness Characteristics Discuss the unique managerial challenges of Wilderness Study Areas and Lands with Wilderness Characteristics.  Look at this issue on both national and local levels, and split into small groups and work on specific issues provided to you by the session facilitators.  Come up with management solutions and identify best practices with your group members.  (2020 Vision)
9:30 Wilderness Science: Anthropocene - Trends, Best Science & Predictions for the Future Watch a presentation on the Anthropocene, and how it has, and is predicted to, change ecosystems and wilderness.  Through a facilitated panel discussion, hear from experts as they discuss strategies and questions in facing wilderness management in a changing time.  Break into small groups to work on real-time issues regarding the question of restoration and managerial manipulation in wilderness.  Together, determine a recommended course of action.  (Secretary of the Interior Climate Change Priority)

To register for the workshop, click here.  To learn more about the complete workshop agenda and workshop goals, click here.  Contact Heather MacSlarrow with questions.

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