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The best way to keep Wilderness wild and full of adventure is to join us!  Whether you are a Student, Seasonal, Professional, Retiree, or Charter-level supporter, we need your expertise and assistance to further the preservation of wilderness.  Sign up your organization or office with our Business Membership and become a cornerstone in our Community of Practice.  Check out our tiered, four-level membership below and find the right membership for you:

Colorful Books
Camping with RV
Reading a Compass
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Built for those pursuing their education or building their career through seasonal work in natural resource managment.  This membership offers you discounts on gear and training needed to be a field professional, and the opportunity to receive mentorship from our professional, retired and charter members to help you in your networking and job troubleshooting needs.

Professional Retiree

Designed to connect you with peers and offer professional advancement, this membership helps you keep up-to-date with wilderness issues and engage in training and mentorship for the next generation of stewards.


The Charter memberships are created for those of you who want to help shape the future of SWS.  In addition to gaining all of the benefits of the Professional/Retiree membership, Charter members receive unique wilderness gifts and invitations to special events.


Created to help district offices, field offices, and NGOs meet your wilderness management objectives, stay up-to-date on wilderness issues, and engage with a host of wilderness resources.

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