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Wilderness Workshop

Wilderness Workshop

We're not the only ones working to preserve Wilderness and keep it wild and full of adventure.  We partner with the National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance (NWSA), land management agenices, and local wilderness organizations to put on an Annual Wilderness Workshop every fall.  Workshops focus on current wilderness issues, from celebrating the 50th Anniversary (2014 workshop) to creating a roadmap for success for the Interagency 2020 Vision for Wilderness (2015 workshop), to broadening the path for diversity, equity and inclusion in Wilderness (2018 workshop).  Workshops are attended by agency personnel, NGO staff, and students and set the tone for wilderness acheivement for the coming year. 

The 2020 Wilderness Workshop will be held October 9-16 through a virtual platform. During the 2020 Wilderness Workshop, our theme is Wilderness through a Time of Change.   

Click here for more information (including pricing) about the 2020 National Wilderness Workshop.

Click here to see a detailed agenda for the 2020 National Wilderness Workshop.

Click here to register for the 2020 National Wilderness Workshop.

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