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Certificate Coursework

The WSCP certificate in the Fundamentals of Wilderness Stewardship requires successful completion of four e-courses, their related assignments, and a final capstone assignment. A mentor is matched with each student and stays in communication with the student through completion of the certificate. The mentor works with the student to plan the course of study, provide feedback, discuss course materials and assignments, and to offer support and encouragement. The four online courses in this certificate are:

  • The Wilderness Act of 1964 — Explore the history and philosophy of wilderness law and policy in the United States, and identify wilderness character, prohibited uses, and special uses of wilderness.

  • Deciding to Keep Wilderness Wild: Four Cornerstones for Wilderness Management — Identify and describe wildness, natural conditions, wilderness benefits, minimum necessary management activity, and wilderness as a composite resource.

  • Writing a Minimum Requirements Analysis — Understand the process used for determining whether management action is necessary and the minimum activity needed to achieve management objectives in wilderness.

  • Wilderness Stewardship Planning Framework — Identify and describe the eight components of successful and effective stewardship planning in wilderness.

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